In addition to the heaven of the Holy Mother Matsu, there are many other gods, please refer to the map and click to browse.
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延平郡王 延平郡王 福德正神 福德正神 五路財神 五路財神 地藏王菩薩 地藏王菩薩 千手千眼觀音 千手千眼觀音 藥師佛祖 藥師佛祖 玉皇上帝 瑤池金母 東華帝君 東華帝君 三官大帝 三官大帝 瑤池金母 玉皇上帝 文昌帝君 文昌帝君 觀音佛祖 觀音佛祖 天上聖母 天上聖母
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  Guantu Temple mainly worships Matsu. On the left is Guanyin Hall, worshipping Guanyin whereas on the right is Wenchang Hall, worshipping Wenchang Wang. Besides, Ling Xiao Hall worships Emperor Jade, Three Great Emperor Officials (San Guan Da Di), Dong Hua Di Jun, and Queen Mother of the West. The Cave of God of Wealth worships five Gods of Wealth and Tudigong. The Ancient Buddha Cave on the left worships Thousand-Hand Guanyi, four Heavenly Kings, and 28 Chiefs. Bhaiṣajyaguru Hall worships Bhaiṣajyaguru and 18 Arhats. Both wings provide altars in honor of great benefactors. Guangdu Temple worships Ksitigarbha while both of its wings serve as altars for worshippers to place spirit tablets of their ancestors.