In addition to Mazu, Saintly Mother of Heaven, there are numerous other deities in Guandu Temple. Please refer to the map and click to browse. Regarding the route to worship for believers, please click 【Guide to Worship】to browse.

延平郡王 延平郡王 福德正神 福德正神 五路財神 五路財神 地藏王菩薩 地藏王菩薩 千手千眼觀音 千手千眼觀音 藥師佛祖 藥師佛祖 玉皇上帝 瑤池金母 東華帝君 東華帝君 三官大帝 三官大帝 瑤池金母 玉皇上帝 文昌帝君 文昌帝君 觀音佛祖 觀音佛祖 天上聖母 天上聖母
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  The main deity of Guandu Temple is Mazu with her assistants Qian-li-yan (Eyes that see a thousand miles) and Shun-feng-er (Ears that hear on the wind) as protector deities. Guanyin Bodhisattva Hall is housed on the left side of Main Hall while God of Literature (Wenchang) Hall is positioned on the right side. Jade Emperor, Three Great Emperor Officials, Imperial Lord of Eastern Florescence (Donghua Dijun) and Golden Mother of the Shining Lake (Yaochi Jinmu) are worshipped in Lingxiao Treasure Hall. Fude God/Earth God is worshipped in God of Prosperity Pit below. Thousand-hands Avalokitesvara, Caturmaharajakayikas (Four Heavenly Kings) and 28 main deities are worshipped in Ancient Buddha Pit. King Yanping and Three Generals Temple is around; King Yanping (Zheng Chenggong) and three other deities who are generals are worshipped here. Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine Buddha) and the eighteen arhats are worshipped in Bhaisajyaguru Hall; tablets of the honoured are located in two rooms on both sides where worshippers ask for blessing and longevity for themselves or their families. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is worshipped in Guangdu Temple; tablets of worshippers’ ancestors are placed in rooms located on both sides.