The Culture Series of Taipei Guandu Temple includes eleven books in total, which contains six fields: history, antiquity, religion, statues, architecture and art. (【Book Release Ceremony】

  •   The Culture Series of Taipei Guandu Temple:
    Featured-edition: The Wonderful Surroundings of Lingshan: Guandu Temple
    Unit History: Milestones of Guandu Temple
    Unit Antiquity: Plaque, Couplet and Fortune-telling Poem
    Unit Religion: Worshipping and Festival
    Unit Gods: The Beauty of Statues
    Unit Architecture 1: Structure and Space of Architecture
    Unit Architecture 2: Decoration of Architecture
    Unit Architecture 3: Temple & Cultural Landscape
    Unit Art 1: Stone Carving Art
    Unit Art 2: Woodcarving Art
    Unit Art 3: Cut-and-paste Ornamentation Craft

    First published on 30 October 2015
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