In order to introduce deities and Buddha to the public, Magic Power of God and Buddha to Bless Peace—Picture Book of 12 Gods of Guandu Temple was edited for educating.

  •   The book is mainly about mainly worshipped deities in every hall of Guandu Temple: mainly worshipped deity of Guandu Temple: Holy Mother in Heaven, Mazu, Guanyin Buddha and Lord Wenchang of Main Hall, Jade Emperor, Golden Mother Yaochi, Three Great Emperor Officials, Imperial Lord Dong Hua of Lingxiao Treasure Hall. Heavenly Official Bestows Blessing and Fude God of Gods of Prosperity Pit, Thousand-hands Avalokitesvara of Ancient Buddha Pit, Bhaisajyaguru of Bhaisajyaguru Hall and Ksitigarbha of Merit Hall—twelve in total. Every deity is drawn in cute version and introduced in Chinese, English and Japanese. Videos of every deity is produced. This is a book you could know about every deity of Guandu Temple via articles, videos and coloring.

  • First published on 31 July 2017
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