Record of the Establishment of Lingxiao Treasure Hall monument was built in memory of the completion of Lingxiao Treasure Hall. Most of the stone carvings were on the 5th and 6th floors. In 1996, the temple entrusted Hui An Mason Company, Fujian to design the magnificent and spectacular stone carvings for Lingxiao Treasure Hall under the leadership of Wang Jing-Min, a contemporary master stone sculptor from China. Among them, the most eye-catching carvings are the giant stone carvings in dragon and tiger windows at both sides made of limestone of even and subtle texture. The walls inside and outside are covered with many large stone carvings on various figures. They are coherent and magnificent.

  The dragon pillar is hollowed out in 2-3 layers to create layers of cravings like a net of Bagua surrounded by mist. With the head of the dragon in freestanding, the dragon’s whiskers flying, and the claws grabbing the pearl fiercely, the dragon divinely flying down from the sky. The carvings on the dragon column are complicated, exquisite, and magnificent. The stone carvings on the walls cover figures and patterns of good fortune and historical stories, including Gods of Bliss(Fu), Prosperity (Lu) and Longevity (Shou). These works are vividly presented, interwoven with light and shadow like a painting. Finally, the giant stone carvings in dragon and tiger windows at both sides are made of about 3.8 tons of giant window stone carvings. The magnificent circular window is composed of the winding dragon and the tiger. Four corners of the circular window are carved with four solemn goddesses holding flowers whereas the facade of the frame is carved with scenes originated from Romance of Three Kingdoms.

  The stone carvings designed by Wang Jing-Min, a contemporary master stone sculptor from China are magnificent and spectacular and cover diverse topics. Such gigantic works depend a lot on modern machines and pneumatic tools. The abovementioned dragon and tiger carvings as well as the dragon pillars, stone lions, stone drums, carvings of ‘qi qiu ji qing’, ‘collection of fortune’, etc. are all powerfully huge but exquisitely presented in terms of instrumentality.