When you enter Main Hall from Sanchuan Hall, you could go straight to the altar of Main Hall, unlike the usual surrounding course. The base of Main Hall is slightly higher than Sanchuan Hall’s, so there are modern plain stairs in front of Main Hall, which is renovated recent years and covered by rosy granite. The thickness of walls of Main Hall is about seventy centimeters. Lamp of Brilliances are full of part of walls, making walls more inviting. It seems that stars in the sky light on all believers there, providing blessings from deities.

  The constructions of Main Hall and Sanchuan Hall are the same. Below spiral mirror caissons, there are a square frame, creating a solemn atmosphere. Lamp of Brilliances are full of two side walls of Mazu Hall, for worshippers to light up the lamps to pray for good health and bright prospect. Believers think that closer their lamps are to the statues of deities, more blessings they could receive from Mazu. Hence, various lamps are put on walls of halls of Guandu Temple, to meet worshippers’ needs.

  Praying Hall of Guandu Temple is between Sanchuan Hall and Main Hall. Decorations of Ceramic Art on full of the mountain wall, which integrates into Sanchuan Hall and Main Hall.

  The praying dimensions here include the bright room, the left room and the right room. The bright room is Mazu Hall, mainly worships Mazu. Lamp of Brilliances are full of two side walls of Mazu Hall.

  The left room is Guanyin Buddha Hall. In front of the altar is an eight-immortals table that is filled with Guanyin statues. The right room is Lord Wenchang Hall. Their spaces and arrangements of facilities are the same.