Lingxiao Treasure Hall is also called ‘Back Hall’, because it is behind Sanchuan Hall and Main Hall. With six floors, it is the highest modern hall in Guandu Temple. Although it is a RC architecture made of stainless steel and concrete. The elevated interior space, exquisite and sophisticated wood sculpture, and magnificent stone carvings in Guandu Temple are classic works of the new age as well as precious cultural assets for later generations. After 1993, in order to replace the molding works instilled with concrete, Guandu Temple invited famous sculptors to create works made of superb a thousand-year camphor and antrodia wood.

  The theme on the center of biggest ridge on the top of the main hall is ‘Eight Immortals Celebrating Birthday’; the theme in the center of the top of the ridge is ‘Heavenly Official Conferred Blessings’: two generals sit on two dragons on the both sides, with a flag, a ball, a halberd and a chime in hands, symbolizing ‘qi qiu ji qing’ (praying for good fortune).

  There are five doors of Lingxiao Treasure Hall: the centre door, the left door, the right door, the left circle door and the right circle door. On the fifth floor, Three Great Emperor Officials are worshipped, as well as altars of Southern Dipper Star Lord and Northern Dipper Star Lord on both sides. Other than the main hall on the fifth floor, there are two other rooms with the left worshipping Imperial Lord of Eastern Florescence (Donghua Dijun), and on the right, Golden Mother of the Shining Lake (Yaochi Jinmu).