Behind Sanchuan Hall and Praying Hall, there is Main Hall, the most important hall in Guandu Temple. At the center, Mazu Hall worships the main deity, Mazu. Guanyin Bodhisattva Hall, located at the left of Main Hall of Guandu Temple, mainly worships Guanyin Bodhisattva. At the right side, Lord Wenchang Hall worships Lord Wenchang. Mazu Hall is the highest hall of three halls. Ceramic Art on the roofs of these three halls is simpler than the one of Sanchuan Hall. The sculptures of phoenix are put on the roof of Mazu Hall to symbolize Mazu’s role of goddess.

  Praying Hall is located between Sanchuan Hall and Main Hall, to prevent the weather from interrupting believers’ worshipping and worship activities. The walls of tunnel between Praying Hall and Main Hall are full of Ceramic Art of Pieces of Bowl. This tunnel is in front of Main Hall, which is an important passage for believers and a good position to view the beauty of Ceramic Art.