Sanchuan Hall is in the center of the first level of Guandu Temple. As the facade of Guandu Temple, the Ceramic Art on the roof of Sanchuan Hall are not only numerous but also exquisite, which is the most important Ceramic Art of Pieces of Bowl of Guandu Temple. The middle ridge of the roof is very high, which shows the importance of this hall.

  The sculptures of Eight Immortals are in the under backbone of the center middle ridge, in the center of them there is Old Man of the South Pole, which is the most familiar theme of middle ridges of temples.

  The theme of the center of the middle ridge is ‘Eight Immortals Celebrating Birthday’: in the center, Old Man of the South Pole rides on a crane, Eight Immortals stands on the both sides, which is a usual theme of middle ridge of temples and Ancestral shrines. The story of Eight Immortals has been a famous mythology in China. In Taiwan, it is normal for Eight Immortals to show in wall murals and sculptures.