Next to the main entry of God of Prosperity Pit and Wall of Mazu’s Miracles, the library of Guandu Temple is at the west side of the buildings of Guandu Temple. Facing Tamsui River, the tall gate of the library is decorated with duī huā and Ceramic Art. Above the gate, the huge sculpture of Confucius is the most eye-catching decoration on the wall, which is made of duī huā.

  Partly decorated with Ceramic Art of Pieces of Bowl, just like Sanchuan Hall in Guandu Temple, Wall of Mazu’s Miracles is a huge construction that Guandu Temple completed in recent years, which is an outstanding structure among Mazu Temples here in Taiwan. Since the width of it is very long, which has never been seen in temples before, it is a representative work of Ceramic Art of Pieces of Bowl.