Bhaiṣajyaguru Hall worships Bhaiṣajyaguru, formally Verulia Bhaisajyaguru, or briefly Medicine Buddha. As the guru of Pure Land of Verulia of the East, Bhaisajyaguru had 12 aspirations, when he was in the process of becoming a Bodhisattva, including saving living beings from all sources of illnesses, provide treatment to them and eliminating all suffering so that they can live healthily and happily. In the name of the Verulia, Bodhisattva also had another aspiration by using the luminous nature of Verulia and hopes to achieve peace and purity in future land.

  •   Medicine Buddha from Pure Land of Verulia of the East, Gautama Buddha from Sahā-lokadhātu (Sahā World) and Amitābha from Sukhāvatī (the Western Paradise) were known as Three Buddha. In Buddhism, Medicine Buddha and Amitābha were regarded both as two paralleled dharma to solve people’s problems of life and death. Besides, similarly encouraging the life toward Pure Land, Medicine Buddha Dharma vowed to eliminate living beings of suffering in the process of becoming a Bodhisattva. Therefore, Medicine Buddha Dharma emphasized the merit powers of Bhaisajyaguru to eliminate suffering and achieve blessing and longevity.

      The so-called ‘Tripartite Bhaiṣajyaguru’ in Buddhism (Three Honored Ones in Pure Land of Verulia of the East) are Bhaiṣajya, Vairocana, and Candraprabha. They are positioned above Eternal Śākyamuni Buddha to help the Buddha, protect the law, and enlighten the people. Also known as Yamāntaka, Vairocana holds a wheel of the sun and sits on a red lotus. Also called ‘King of Moonlight’, Candraprabha held a green lotus in His left hand with a shape of a half moon.

      Medicine Buddha has various incarnations. According to Chanting of Medicine Buddha, ‘Bhaisajyaguru raises his Abhaya Mudra in one hand and holds an alms bowl in front of the abdomen in another hand. The alms bowl is used for pounding and grinding medicine during ancient times. Most of the statues of Medicine Buddha are in blue whereas the statue of Medicine Buddha in Guandu Temple is in gold. In three Dharma robes, the statue presents the brightness of the Buddha, while the statue holds Medicine Terminalia Fruit with branches and leaves in the gesture of Humkara-Mudra with His right hand, holds his alms bowl filled with elixirs to cure worshippers of hard to treat illnesses, and sits in Vajra lotus position on Moon of Lotus.