For over a thousand years, devotees respectfully addressed Mazu as ‘Goddess proficient in the mysterious knowledge’, Aunt Goddess (Shengu), Niangma, Mazupo or Holy Mother in Heaven. Her official titles included Madame, Consort, Heavenly Consort and Celestial Empress (Tianhou), which demonstrated the highest respect for a Goddess. Taiwanese addressed the goddess respectfully and affectionately as ‘Mazupo’. Regarding the miraculous deeds of Mazu, they had spread afar the masses. The goddess was highly worshipped in the coastal areas and had also enjoyed the highly revered status in Chinese diaspora communities such as fishermen, sailors, sea traders and sojourners who had migrated elsewhere.

  •   From dynasty to dynasty, Mazu had been entitled by the Court with various names: ‘Madame Ling Hui, Protector of the State, Miao Ling Zhao Ying, Hong Ren Puji, Bless for the People, Cheng Gan Xian Fu , Xian Shen Zan Shun, Chuici Du Hu, An Lan Li Yun, Ze Tan Hai Yu, Tian Po Xuan Hui, Dao Liu Yan Qing, Jing Yang Xi Zhi, En Zhou De Pu, Wei Cao Bao Tai and Heavenly Queen of Zhen Wu Sui Jiang’(護國庇民、妙靈昭應、宏仁普濟、福佑群生、誠感咸孚、顯神贊順、垂慈篤祜、安瀾利運、澤覃海宇、恬波宣惠、導流衍慶、靖洋錫祉、恩周德溥、衛漕保泰、振武綏疆天后).

      Mazu Hall, at the centre of Main Hall, is an important altar worshipping the main deity Mazu. Inside, the largest statue of Mazu is called ‘The Mazu’. Generally speaking, The Mazu would stay in the main shrine of the temple without leaving for a pilgrimage or accepting the worshippers’ invitation. Besides, Guandu Temple also worships many statues of Mazu. Among them, the oldest statue since the establishment of the temple is called ‘Da Ma’ (The First Mother). Afterwards, the number of statues of Mazu increased because of various reasons; names of Mazu varied hence. Names could be, for example, in numerical order, from ‘Second Mother’, ‘Third Mother’ to ‘26th Mother’, or names could include the corresponding relationship of deputy, such as ‘Deputy First Mother’, ‘Deputy Second Mother’ and ‘Deputy Fourth Mother’. In addition, to manifest the power, kindness, blessing, virtue, and magical abilities of Mazu, Mazu would be entitled ‘Ci An Ma’, ‘Ci Ji Ma’, etc.