The stage in front of the Sanchuan Hall is known as ‘Heavenly Stage’, which is used to stage performances during the feast days of deities and the setup for flower lanterns during lunar new year. Standing on the stage, one can have a bird eye’s view of the Keelung River and Guandu Plain. Its ridges are decorated with various designs while the brims are embellished with clay artworks to symbolize the request for luck and celebration.

  •   The ceiling is decorated with an artwork of the phoenix playing with the peony. The roof comprises a flat roof structure with four sides and eight edges. The surface is glazed with saffron-coloured tiles, shaped like dripping water, while the pointed end of the suspending ridge is embellished. The intersection between the roof and the platform also has three pairs of eight-tail blue dragons with water flowing out of the dragons’ mouths. Every dragon also has a fire pearl that forms the theme of ‘double dragon fighting over the pearl’—this great show performs everyday on the roof of Heavenly Stage.