Huai Yin Pavilions were built in the memory of Mr. Chen Huai-Yin, who started to renovate Guandu Temple. According to Record on the Renovation of Huai Yin Pavilion, as a philanthropist, Chen was called ‘The Good Man’—he initiated the repairing of streets and roads, helped the needed and donated rice in winters. Next to Lingxiao Treasure Hall, Huai Yin Pavilions are on the hill.

  •   The lower one had been built in 1966; above the stairs, the new was built in 2001. The rebuilt Huai Yin Pavilion is decorated with veins of natural wood carvings, which makes you be able to feel the unique of the material and the skillful crafts of the sculptor. Comparative to colored cravings in the other spaces in the temple, the veins of natural wood carvings of Huai Yin Pavilion bring out the original fine art of crafts.