Sanchuan Hall is the first architecture and represents the front hall of Guandu Temple. Regarding the layout of a traditional temple, other than a single hall, there is a front hall. As the commonly seen layout comprises four pillars and a triple hall (Sanchuan) entrance, it is also known as Sanchuan Hall. Sanchuan Hall is also the formal passageway to access Guandu Temple.

  •   As the saying goes, “Entering from the dragon’s throat and exiting from the tiger’s mouth”, the architecture considers Chinese geomancy of ‘Green Dragon’ for entering on the left and ‘White Tiger’ for exiting on the right. The left and right positions follow where the deity effigies are placed. Due to the endless stream of pilgrims and worshippers in Guandu Temple, Dragon doorway and Tiger doorway are added at the two sides of Sanchuan Hall. These doorways are the main entrances and exits for worshippers today.

  •   The exterior of Sanchuan Hall follows a double-tiered roof structure, which is a layering of two brims to give a firm and grand appearance. As Sanchuan Hall serves as an important gateway, visitors’ particular attention is paid to the exterior which comprises delicate carvings in stone and wood, coloured decorations and ceramic artworks.