God of Literature (Wenchang) Hall is positioned on the right of Main Hall. Also worshipped inside the altar is the deity Wenkui who is seen holding a brush dipped in cinnabar on his right hand that represents the selection of Top Scholars by the Emperor; his left leg is seen kicking backwards, while his right leg stepping on the top of a codfish. All these representations symbolize the auspicious meaning of examination success and emerging as Top Scholars.

  •   On the right side of the altar is Goddess of Childbirth, she holds a book in her left hand and a brush on her right, symbolizing the copying of books and transcripts. Female worshippers, who are here to pay their respect, can request for a descendant. The interior of Wenchang Hall is simple but brightly lit with ‘Wenchang Lamps’ at the back and two sides of the altar. By lighting up Wenchang Lamps, worshippers can request for advancement in their studies and career.