Taisui Hall is on the third floor of Lingxiao Treasure Hall, where believers could apply for light up Taisui Lamps to pacify Taisui. Taisui Lamps are placed on walls and pillars, which make this huge floor an ocean of lamps. Pacifying Taisui is an important tradition. Grand Duke Jupiter (Taisui) is also known as the Taisui Star Lord or Lord Sui. There are 60 Star Lords based on the Chinese sexagenary cycle (Tiangan Dizhi). Every Star Lord has a name and a duty to fulfill, they are in charge of the good and bad luck, calamity and happiness of the Chinese zodiac signs. When a Taisui is running his course for a certain zodiac sign, people belonging to that particular zodiac sign or those that clash with the sign, will result in ‘main clash’, ‘slight clash’ and ‘small clash’, also known as ‘Offending Taisui’.

  •   In the past, people put a tablet of Taisui God in their houses and worship every morning and evening for a whole year every Taisui Year. Nowadays, if one happens to ‘offend Taisui’ this year, in order to prevent enraging Taisui deity and resulting in misfortune, people can visit the temple to ‘pacify Taisui’, by paying respect to Taisui and avert any possible calamity. The third floor of Lingxiao Treasure Hall is particularly arranged as Taisui Palace for numerous believers as Guandu Temple has a long history.