Located underneath Heavenly Stage, Guandu Temple Dragon Boat Memorial Hall was established in February, 1986. It was built for Guandu Dragon Boat Team, which has long been supported by Guandu Temple. From ‘Chung Xing Bridge Commemorative Cup’ to ‘International Lions Club Cup’ to Chiang Kai-shek Cup’ and other major dragon boat races, Guandu Dragon Boat Team has won a total of 21 annual championships, which is certainly unprecedented. In recognition of their achievements, Guandu Temple Dragon Boat Memorial Hall was establishment and opened in 2016. In the memorial hall, you can see the trophies the team won, the pictures of the team, previous sponsors, names of active members, the list of coaches and participants, as well as two historical dragon boats.

  •   The dragon boats were donated by three people—one was the leader of the team, Mr. Huang Ding, who was the first chairman of Guandu Temple’s board of directors; one was the former director of Yangmingshan Administrative Bureau, Mr. Guo Da-Tung, and the other was the coach, Chen Jin-Fa. Those two dragon boats were finished in 1969 by Liu Mu-Shan (father) and Liu Ching-Zhen (son). The body of the dragon boat was made of five pieces of wood panels; the dragon head and the dragon tail were assembled separately. After the dragon boats had been donated, they were used in the races.