Located at the back of Main Hall of Guandu Temple, God of Prosperity Pit was constructed after the Elephant Trunk Mountain was opened up in the 1980s. The main deities include the ‘Heavenly Official that bestows blessings’, ‘Wanshan God of Prosperity’, ‘Jilun God of Prosperity’, ‘Wenbi God of Prosperity’ and ‘Wuming God of Prosperity’.

  •   Main Hall of Fude God is located at the end of God of Prosperity Pit. As the entrance of the hall faces to the parking lot of Guandu Temple, and God of Prosperity Pit leads to Lingxiao Treasure Hall through a mountain, Main Hall of Fude God is another shortcut to Guandu Temple. Main Hall of Fude God worships Earth God. Besides the statue, there are two solid stone carving paintings: ‘Earth God Saving a Dutiful Son’ and ‘Earth God Gifting with Money’; the wall is also decorated with stone carvings. You can see many kinds of caisson ceiling paintings in the hall; the shrine and the screen are made of exquisite wood carvings.