The main hall of Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine Buddha) is based above the Guangdu Temple, which is a standalone Buddhist temple. It can be divided into the main hall and two rooms located on both sides. The main deity is Bhaisajyaguru. The gigantic size of the deity statue gives a magnificent impression. On the left and right rooms located at the sides, facing the door walls are the eighteen Arhats. On the glass display of the main wall located at the platform, are 672 Guanyin statues. Tablets of the honoured are also located here where worshippers ask for blessing and longevity for themselves or their families.

  •   Surrounding the statue of Bhaisajyaguru are Medicine Buddha Lamps, forming a lamp wall and lamp pillar. The deity is known for his promise to save humans and cure their illnesses, particularly incurable ones. Bhaisajyaguru is also known for eliminating all suffering, blessing humans with good health and happiness. Hence, worshippers will light up these Medicine Buddha Lamps, which is likened to use the merit powers of Bhaisajyaguru, to eliminate suffering and achieve longevity.