King Yanping and Three Generals Temple, based outside Main Hall, is an affiliated temple under the management of Guandu Temple. The main deity is a famous general Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong) who rebelled against Qing dynasty in defense of Southern Ming. He was given the title of King Yanping prefecture and bestowed at the same time, were three generals namely Prince Zheng, Gan Hui and Wan Li.

  •   Although Koxinga succeeded in regaining Taiwan, his supremacy did not last more than 14 months when he passed away at an early age of 39. However, after he drove out the Dutch, Koxinga established the foundation of developing Taiwan. As a result, Koxinga was respectfully addressed as Sage King of Developing Taiwan and even regarded as a national hero. The temple was built to commemorate Koxingas achievements and worship him. This temple is constructed based on a classic single-building Minnan architecture that has a layout of three walls and a single opening, with a Yingshan roof. The main ridge of the roof is curved like a crescent moon whereas the edge is curled like a swallow tail. The suspended ridges are supported by two ends of the main ridge and pressed against the walls to stabilize the building.

      From the inside, we can see the wall paintings and decors on the ceiling and beams. Above the beams, we see wood-like decorations which are first molded and designed, and later depicted in gold paint. The most exquisite and elegant artwork is at the altar area, the segments are decorated with flower designs, which adds value to the cultural heritage of Guandu Temple architecture.