Bell Tower is next to Dragon doorway of Main Hall; Drum Tower next to Tiger doorway. ‘Drumming at dusk, belling at dawn’ was how a temple ran in the past. East where sun raises is dawn; west where sun sets is dusk. Living in this surroundings, hearing the bell at dawn and the drum at dusk, fishing and singing, bring people interior purifying, spiritual encouraging, speculating inspiring and moral constraint.

  •   Drum Tower and Bell Tower are built using reinforced concrete and bricks; they are both two-level-pavilions. Just like the second floor, the roof of first floor is tile eaves. Chairs are available for visitors to sit at the first floor.

      The roof of the second floor is a pointed double eaves; it is separated into an upper eave and an under eave. The top of the upper eave is a peach-shaped; the surface of the upper eave is covered with cyan tiles with triangle-shaped edges of them, orange pan tiles and ancient eaves tiles. There are ornaments of gods/animals on the bargeboards and six sides of square walls between two eaves. There are circles with golden dragons in them on each square wall; bat ornaments on the top angles of every square walls; a copper bell in Bell Tower and a leather drum in Drum Tower—just as decorations.