Mazu Hall is at the centre of Main Hall, which is the main worshipping area of Guandu Temple. Worshippers are often seen holding joss sticks and praying to the Goddess of Sea. The constant burning of incense creates an ambience that relieves worshippers’ minds of earthly troubles. The main deity of Guandu Temple is Mazu with her assistants Qian-li-yan (Eyes that see a thousand miles) and Shun-feng-er (Ears that hear on the wind) as protector deities.

  •   Mazu’s name is Lin Mo and believed to born in 960 CE. Mazu’s miraculous deeds of saving the suffering have spread for a millennium and established her status as a highly revered goddess. The folks addressed the goddess warmly as Mazu, Mazupo or respectfully as Holy Mother in Heaven. The design of Mazu Hall is categorized into the main area and the altar where the Mazu deity statues are situated. Both walls of the hall are lit with Lamps of Brilliance for worshippers to light them up for blessing and warding off calamities.

  •   On the altar table in front of Mazu’s altar, there are other Mazu effigies with different names. These Mazu effigies are invited by other temples for worship, or to engage in friendly exchange between temples. They are a magnificent sight.